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All product orders are made through the Amsoil Online Store. Just click on the appropriate category from the image below to be taken to Amsoil’s on-line store with pricing and purchasing information.

The prices you see will all be retail. If you would like to purchase at wholesale you will need to become a Preferred Customer, Amsoil Home Dealer or have either a Commercial or Retail account. Just click on the links for further information. The preferred customer form is at the bottom of this page and will enroll you in the 6 month trial membership program (at no cost to you). There is a one year optional renewal fee ($20/year) thereafter. You will not be automatically charged but will have to re-enroll at time of your order (after 6 months).

If you are interested in purchasing Amsoil products it is to your benefit to first become a preferred customer. This entitles you to save up to 25% off of retail prices.

By completing this form you are Authorizing Amsoil Dealer John Cardell the right to enroll you in to the 6 month PC trial program ($20/year optional renewal fee thereafter).

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